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For those of you that want to see all the weird and wonderful sides of Japanese porn in the form of hentai comics and doujinshi, we present and its enormous collection of free content.

All told, you can read over 57,000 translated hentai comics here. If that isn't enough, there's also a whole western porn comics collection with over 18,000 titles if you click on the "comics" section in the header. When it comes to the hentai comics here, most of them are 15 to 30 pages long and often look great. As is the case with most content of this type, you have plenty of offbeat kinks and fetishes available such as diapers, mind control, age regression, amputee, multiple breasts, tomboys, and hair jobs. Once you open up a comic, you'll see various tags and information, as well as thumbnails. You can view the comics on ASMHentai with their online reader which supports standard keyboard shortcuts, but there's no simple way to download a whole comic.

The site might be familiar to you right off the bat, even if you've never visited before because it uses the same design as a few other hentai comics sites. Nonetheless, it's a straightforward layout with sections for parodies, tags, characters, artists, and groups, and each one of them has an A-Z filter. However, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of tags and entries on ASM Hentai. So if you don't want to dive into these sections, you can always use the basic search, click on the random button, or just browse the front page. Lastly, comments and favorites are limited to registered users, so if these features are important to you, you should register.

If you want quantity, quality, and variety when it comes to porn and translated hentai comics, then you should, by all means, visit and knock yourself out with thousands of free comics.

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