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836 views is a site that helps you find the right content for you. It is somewhat similar to a porn search engine in that it lists results from multiple sources and in multiple formats, but it's more geared towards offering recommendations based on how you interact with the content.

BetterFap works by taking into account your likes and dislikes (thumbs up or thumbs down), favorites (sparks) and searches. Once it has a sufficient amount of data, it generates new recommendations every 24 hours which change over time as you use the site. Recommendations come from a variety of sources and include photos, GIFs, videos, audio, and written erotica. There's gay, shemale, lesbian, straight, anime and hentai content here of all kinds.

When it comes to user features, has a lot of them. You can sort content by type, gender or orientation. There are loads of different filters, You can share your recommendations with others, make playlists, manage your profile with global filters, view stats, etc. There's a list of popular content, recommended cams and sites, subreddits, newest videos, even a fap roulette that gives you random content based on a few options. Finally, there don't seem to be any ads on the site.

BetterFap has an interesting take on the whole porn search engine idea, except that it focuses on recommendations based on user activity (likes, favorites, searches) and encompasses multiple formats (audio, video, GIFs, stories, photos), but all the features might be overwhelming to some users.

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