ChickWars Review

If you've ever wanted to lead a harem of hentai monster girls into battle, then Chick Wars (AKA Cunt Wars) is the game for you. This free-to-play hentai title mixes a turn-based strategy card game with erotic and RPG elements, and it's available as a browser game or as an Android app on Nutaku.

The story behind Chick Wars won't be getting any Pulitzer prizes. Nonetheless, you start as a peasant that gathers and leads an expanding army of slutty warrior babes eager to get you off as well as jump into battle.

While the story and dialogue aren't great, the artwork, character design, and animations are very nice. When it comes nudity, there are lots of loading screens depicting BDSM, anal, blowjobs, etc., as well as arousing card and character designs sneaked in everywhere.

The gameplay is addictive, and Chick Wars features a few different game modes including the main story-line,  raids, and finally the PVP battles.  At the start of each battle, you draw a hand and new cards each turn. Players have to strategize and put down a variety of cards in different melee or ranged rows.

Once you destroy all enemy minions, you can attack and kill the enemy hero which nets you experience, gems, and coins. Experience is used for leveling the ladies, coins to buy shop items or new chicks, and gems for booster packs or VIP status, which gives you many enticing benefits.

Finally, although microtransactions are present in the game, you can collect gems and other rewards at a good pace, so spending cash here isn't a must.

Even if the story is a bit thin in Chick Wars, the artwork, sound, and gameplay are great. Better yet, you don't need microtransactions to get ahead, and you can choose between different game modes, including single player story mode, raids, and PVP battles.

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