CrystalMaidens Review

Unlike most free-to-play porn games, real-time 3D strategy Crystal Maidens offers exciting gameplay, artwork and uncensored hentai sex scenes in HD, along with PvP battles and a singleplayer game mode all courtesy of Nutaku.

The story behind Crystal Maidens is simple. An evil wizard has invaded their realm with plans to enslave them.

You have to use magic crystals to summon an army of maidens to banish him and liberate as many of them as you can while fight through mountains, deserts, castles, etc. Along the way, you collect crystals, upgrade buildings, train a variety of maiden classes, customize their appearance, and equip them with items, but also romance them.

Each maiden you woo will unlock hidden animated porn scenes, but you will also see plenty of great artwork, lewd outfits and some nudity before and after that.

The gameplay here is quite challenging, so it takes a while to get the hang of because you need to plan your moves to make sure the maiden of your choice or a combo of maidens fits the battle at hand.

Some of them are good with spells, some with ranged weapons, and others with melee combat. However, with experience, you'll win more battles, get more loot, and start to advance.

And once you finish the single player game mode, you can move on to the PvP and Leaderboard modes to test your skills against other players. There's also a Discord channel where you can talk to other players and developers who update the game regularly with new quests, events, items, maidens, and new sex scenes for old maidens.

If you've been playing small flash porn games up until now, Crystal Maidens will blow your mind. It has excellent graphics and gameplay, different game modes including PvP and leaderboards, and many intricate HD hentai scenes which makes for a very enticing and immersive package.

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