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If you're looking for a furry site filled with drawings, sketches, and various artwork, then E621.net is the place for you. This site is entirely free, and besides viewing content, you can chat with other users live or on a forum.

There are over 1,5 million images and thousands of animation here. Although the central theme are furries, you can get very specific about what you want to see on E621. It can be all sorts of clothing, sex acts, positions, body types, backgrounds, etc. For instance, you can check out a furry panther babe hanging out in a tree, spreading her pussy and peeing, or a bunny babe in thigh-high leather boots bending over butt naked. Besides single images, you can check out pools and sets, or collection of closely related photos based on various things. Overall there's no shortage of excellent artwork here or high-res image, and you can download anything you want.

Instead of having categories, E621.net has an excellent tag system just like many other imageboards. You can exclude specific tags, string them together, or search for tags that start with a particular word, among other options. Then, there are sections for pools, sets, artists, notes, and comments which have one more filters or additional sorting options. Visitors that register can post on the forum or chat live, upload photos, leave comments and blips, as well as manage favorites and their blacklists, and access a few other useful features. For people new to the imageboard thing, this site will take some time getting used to, but it's straightforward to use after that, and relatively clean. There’s also a good mobile version available.

E621.com is a site teeming with furry content, it has many great features, and plenty of members to interact or share posts with, so if you like the niche, check this site out.

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