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Gay Harem is an in-browser and free-to-play hentai porn game with RPG elements. Your mission is to put together a band of cock-loving dudes and have online sex battles against other players. There's also a straight version called Hentai Heroes which we reviewed recently.

Gay Harem eases you into the gameplay and story with tutorials while presenting different sexy characters through lots of hot and hardcore hentai artwork and dialogue. There are a few main sections in the game, which are the market, your harem, pachinko, the adventure mode, and the battle arena.

Adventure mode is how you advance through the single-player part of the game and collect guys for your harem. The harem has an overview of all the boys, including stats and affection. While you play, you'll also collect money, which can be exchanged at the market for different potions, books, and weapons, or gifts that boost affection and how much money a guy earns you. Pachinko is for gambling and potentially winning additional guys or rare items. This is where you can spend premium in-game currency if you want better chances and prizes. Lastly, you have the battle arena where you can play against others with your gay harem and test out different tactics, weapons, and items.

Although Gay Harem is free, the game tries to make you spend real money. For example, making progress requires that you play the adventure mode. The problem with this is that every action slowly empties the energy bar and then makes you wait and faster recharges are available for premium currency.

Overall, Gay Harem is a fun and free browser game with good hardcore hentai artwork and support for mobile devices. However, spending real money gives you an advantage, so it's a bit pay-to-win.

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