HentaiHeroes Review

HentaiHeroes.com is a browser RPG adventure game which lets you play a horny college nerd whose task is to assemble a harem of babes inspired by popular manga and video game characters and put them to battle.

The game begins just like most visual novels so you'll slowly get introduced to the game mechanics, characters, and the storyline while completing various tutorials integrated into the gameplay. There are a few main aspects to this game: the adventure mode, your harem, the market, pachinko, and the battle arena.

To advance in adventure mode, you'll use up energy which recharges on its own or if you pay. In the harem is where you can see all your girls, their stats, and how much they like you (affection). Money collected can be spent at the market buying all sorts of items like books, potions, weapons, and gifts to boost earnings from girls. Pachinko is where you gamble and win rare items or girls with in-game cash or premium money called kobans which give you better items but usually require a credit card. The best part about HentaiHeroes are the exciting battles with other players that feature various weapons, armor, stats, etc.

Hentai Heroes is free to play after you register, but to progress and build your character and harem you'll have to play the adventure mode. The problem with this is that you spend energy with every action and then have to wait for it to recharge.

If you want it to replenish faster, you'll need to spend real cash. The same goes for pachinko where you get better items if spending premium currency. We know pay-to-win games aren't anything new, but you might want to know this before you get addicted to HentaiHeroes as we did.

Overall, Hentai Heroes is a fun browser game that gives you a lot up front and for free but nudges you into spending real cash, especially later on when you need to grind a lot to progress further.

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