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Whether you're a gamer who likes to play free sex games or just want to try something different, HornyGamer.com provides a dozen pages with all sorts of xxx games in a variety of genres suited to a wide range of sexual kinks, as well as some nude photos & hentai videos.

There are over 500 different titles on Horny Gamer, including exclusive ones to this site and a few dozen in HTML. Visitors can play things like a striptease quiz and poker, maze sex games, and choose your own adventure type games done in 3d, hentai style or with footage from real porn. There are also plenty of parodies of anime shows and games featuring Pokemon, Zelda, Alladin, Family Guy, etc. Many of the flash games offered on this site are short but fun nonetheless. Better yet, each has a download link, so that you can save your favorite ones. And when you want to go back to regular porn, you can check out the erotic nude photo section or watch a few dozen hentai clips of decent quality, although streaming can be slow at times.

When it comes to website layout and design, HornyGamer.com looks pretty simple but it's easy to use. You can flip through a dozen pages of games and check out a few useful walkthroughs. Really, the only thing missing is a basic search engine, but since there's not that much content here, it's not a downside. In terms of ads, you'll mostly see link ads leading to other sites and a few animated banners.

HornyGamer.com is a great little website that offers hundreds of free flash and HTML5 sex games in different genres. It's relatively clean, works fast and you can even watch some hentai videos or erotic teen photos.

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