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When we say that LPSG stands for Large Penis Support Group, we're not kidding. This is mostly a gay forum where you can talk to other people about various big dick issues, show off, and hook up, but you'll also find women and straight or bisexual guys, and transgendered people here. 

The site has a total of around 660,000 members, 450,000 discussions, 7+ million messages, besides 600,000+ photos and over 26,000 videos. Although you can lurk as a guest here, we suggest that you register for full access to member content, video chat, and other goodies. When it comes to discussions, you can find everything about relationships, clothing and appearance, potential sexual issues, and health and fitness. Then there's the "Ask Someone" sub-forum where you can talk to people of every gender and sexual orientation. In addition to that, LPSG.com has a section for women's issues, one for stories, and sections for webcams or cyber connections, personal ads, and a place where you can share photos and videos of well-hung celebrities. If that isn't enough, you can also find a whole other photo and video sharing section, and check out the numerous member galleries.

Although we weren't fans of the design and layout here at first, we got the hang out if after a short while. The homepage on LPSG gives you a feed of the latest posts, etc., along with various stats and info. From there, you can go to the forums, the gallery section, check out members and groups, use the video chat, view all the posted attachments, or read blogs. Each section has a variety of useful features, and you also get an advanced search. Finally, the site is clean and loads fast.

LPSG.com is well worth the visit as it has a large and active user forum and members that are willing to discuss various topics, share videos and photos of themselves, as well as hook up with others online or in person.

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