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After the infamous Pirate Bay comes which is also a torrent site but one that's dedicated to adult content. Another important difference is that this is a private tracker and registrations are not always open.

If you're lucky enough to be a new member, you should read introduction and rules articles, so you don't get banned or have your download privileges revoked. In short, as a bare minimum, you should have a good upload to download ratio, so there will be no free mooching off this site if you want to stay here. The registrations open from time to time when accounts are deleted, so you'll have to check often to see if you can join.

While browsing, we noticed that this is a general porn tracker with lots of different content, so you should have no problem finding something to download that's tailor-made for your nasty taste. Better yet, there's lots of high-quality and high-res material here. Lastly, you can expect lots of new torrent uploads each day, and many healthy torrents with lots of seeders due to the whole upload/download ratio that Porn Bay mandates.

This site won't win any design awards, but it does organize its content well enough to make browsing relatively easy. Besides a search feature, you can list random, new, and top torrents, among other options, or sort them based on seeders, leechers, and so on. Torrents have descriptions, technical info, and screenshots so you can check out what it's all about before clicking the download button. As a member, you can also upload torrents, comment, send messages to other members, and use a forum to discuss everything and anything with many other active users.

If you can get in, is well worth the trouble and easy to use. It has all sorts of porn torrents including games, hentai, and fetish content, and more importantly, lots of high-quality material.

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