SiliconWives Review

Sex dolls have come a long way since blowup models and no one perhaps embodies this change better than, a site selling dozens of luxury sex dolls which incorporate the latest and greatest materials while looking incredibly lifelike.

The Silicon Wives product range has a total of 64 models which includes four male models while the rest are all female, and both have a few or more customization options (height, eye color, hair color, built-in or removable orifices, etc.). Female models include Japanese, blonde, curvy, black and flat chested sex dolls. They cover a broad range of physical appearance and even have descriptions and a short bio to really bring them to life. All the dolls are made from premium silicone or thermoplastic elastomers and have a metal skeleton with sturdy joints so that you can place them in different positions. But if you're still not satisfied with what's on offer, you can fill out a contact form and get a tailor-made doll. Other products include torsos and vaginas, feet & legs, and breasts.

When it comes to using the SiliconWives site, visitors can expect an appealing design with all the right features. Products can be listed according to different filters (category, type, size, material). Each product has lots of information, photos and quick links to payment plans, shipping & returns, as well as a question form. The site contains reviews, a blog, and an FAQ that covers the most important topics. Finally, the packaging is discrete and the shipping is free (FedEx or UPS by air). has a large product range for those of you looking for a luxury sex doll, whether male or female. Potential buyers can configure dolls, make totally custom ones and expect free shipping.

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