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Generally I thought to myself that the only people who hire escorts are businessmen who need a beautiful woman for a party, an evening, or to impress their clients / colleagues / boss, etc. But I realized that the escorts are actually there to please all those who want a little sweetness, that's why I'm here to tell you about a very good French escort site called tescort .com.

I think we all know how these sites work, but don't worry if this is your first rodeo with escorts ... I'm here to explain all the important stuff. Already, do you know what the job of an escort is? These bitches only serve to please you in ways you never thought possible, but there is a trick.

Many of you might think that these are just more expensive whores, but that’s not true. The biggest difference between these girls and the whores is very simple, while the whores are going to fuck with you and leave, these beauties can stay even afterwards if you want. They offer the famous girlfriend experience and much more.

But keep in mind that these pretty escorts are all different women with things they do and things they don't do, which means it's not because you came across an escort who does everything that all escorts do the same. In any case, tescort.com is a very simple site that goes straight to the point if you want my opinion, so sit back, have a drink and have fun taking a look at all these wonderful escorts.

On the main page you will see some of the most preferred VIP escorts, but be aware that some of these bitches will not show their faces. It pisses me off, because there is no way I can hire a chick with a sick body if she has a bad face. Finally, I imagine there is a way to fix it by calling the slut.

Each girl here has her profile, which is clearly obvious, huh? How else can we learn more about these adorable pullets if they didn't have a card or some other bullshit with the info in them. Finally here you can learn everything that is important, languages ​​they speak when shaving their pussy. Below that, every girl can write something about her, and if you keep going down you will see the prices and all that crap.

While this is a French escort site, I have already come across girls who do not chat at all French, and again, damn, it is disappointing. When I visit a site in my language, I expect to meet pullets who speak my language. Most of these sluts speak English, and that's a good thing, but some barely knew how to speak a little French and English ...

Anyway, it's nice to see these young ladies finally do their job, it was time. We all know that women were created to serve men and bear their children, they are not capable of much else anyway, and these hotties do all their jobs. Frankly, seeing all these fucking escorts made me pretty happy, especially since I still have to come across a big bitch.

Remember that you are entitled to options to filter your searches for babes, you can for example display only girls who have just signed up, VIPs, or even search for escorts in your city. It matters because if you want to meet one it will always be easier to find a slut near you.

I forgot to mention one major thing, it is the fact that the site also offers trans people, and it is not something we often see. In addition, these trans are as beautiful as the women on the site, so it disturbed me a little. I'm sure if your thing is gorgeous chicks with a dick, you will find the beauty of your dreams on the site.

And of course, trans people are entitled to as much consideration as other escorts, so be sure to read all of their profile info to learn more about them. One thing I noticed is that trans escorts tend to speak more languages ​​than women, quite interesting. I’m totally straight, but I wouldn’t have a problem with some trans people that I saw there…

Some of the VIP escorts also have videos embedded in their profiles, but when I searched I saw that some of the videos didn't even work. I don't know if this is my reader or some other bullshit, but it was just to tell you that some of these fucking videos didn't work ... So what's the point? Other than that, I really enjoyed my time on tescort.com.

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